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Shady Movers

Shady Movers

This past Friday, my team and I were on a full day move. Mid-afternoon, we pulled into the Petro-Canada at Hurontario and Eaglewood in Mississauga for some refreshments. As we got out of the truck we were a approached by a gentleman who was in the middle of being scammed by a mover.

The moving company in question was “Local Toronto Moving Service.” When I listened to the gentleman, it reminded me exactly of the CTV Marketplace episode dated October 11th 2013. Besides all the up charges on the day, the movers were holding the furniture hostage until payment was made in cash and in full.

I was so outraged by the actions of these movers. In support of the customer, I advised him that if he could regain his furniture, I would deliver his possessions to Toronto free of charge. I took this action because I felt it was the right thing to do. No customer should have to face such an ordeal.

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